Here are five things to take care of before winter really hits.

Is your home ready for the winter season? The stormy weather earlier this fall brought record rainfall to the Bay Area, so I want to make sure your house is ready for winter. Here are a few quick recommendations:

  • The roof. Make sure there are no missing shingles and your gutters are cleared out.
  • The exterior and foundation. Crawl under the house to look for cracks or areas where moisture can get in. 
  • Your heating system. I recommend you change the filter and have a maintenance check-up by a local HVAC company. They usually cost $75 to $100. That will guarantee your furnace is working efficiently, which extends the system’s life.
  • Windows and doors. Make sure there are no drafts. If there are, you can fix them with simple caulking or weatherproofing.
  • Landscaping. Now is a good time to clean up your landscaping and fertilize the lawn so that it’s ready for spring.

If you have questions, reach out to me. I’m happy to provide my recommendations and feedback. If you need a service professional to help with any of this, I’m more than happy to make a recommendation. I look forward to hearing from you!